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This area at the extreme southern point of the island of Gran Canaria in an area protected by the law for natural surroundings in the category of “Natural Special Reservation” which includes the “CHARCA, the” SAND DUNES” and the “PALM GROVE” with a total expanse of 404 Hectares (1 Hectare = 2.47acres or 10.000sq. meters)

The Charca is home to a wide variety of Flora and Fauna especially birds…a paradise for Ornithologists. This salt water Lagoon is the perfect place for migrating birds in Winter with as many as 40 different species of birds. To mention but a few there are large and small and black foot curlews or gray plover, the common heron and the purple heron. There are at least 23 different species permanently nesting and about 30 species of aquatic birds among which are curlew jacks and black foot curlews, common chicks small white wagtails& snipes.

In the Sand Dunes natural park of Maspalomas the most outstanding species of reptile is the endemic  giant canarian lizard, theres also a type of salamander, and the small almost transparent perenquen (if you find one in your apartment it’s a sign of great luck so don´t harm them).
Fish are important for the ecosystem in the Lagoon, for example for the control of mosquitos. The fish species found here is called Lebracho and is a common fish found in Gran Canaria in general.

The ecosystem in the Lagoon of Maspalomas maintains a delicate equilibrium which evolves and transforms over the whole year and the climatic conditions in Maspalomas determines the outcome. There are numerous species which live and co-habitate thanks to the variable conditions. The populations of fish, birds, insects, aquatic plants, phyto-plankton, zoo-plankton auto regulate and modify due to many factors, among which the physio-chemical  and water temperature and the winds which carry nutrients such as phosphor & nitrogen. Also the littoral interchanges and the rain water carried down from the mountains in the ravines all modify these biological groups and marks the periods when one or another species dominates.
The Maspalomas Charca is a natural spot , unique and extraordinarily beautiful and certainly impacts on all who see it .
The Maspalomas Palm Grove said to be the largest in Europe is home to some Bats, which many many years ago were more abundant but progress , buildings and inhabitants have greatly reduced the number of Bats.
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